about us

Memento Mori Hospitality was born out of Jackson's and Melissa's desire to open a single restaurant in 2017. Almost a year later, beginning in a strip mall, they opened a restaurant under 1,000 square feet by the name of Jame. With a total staff of four plus Jackson and Melissa, Jame opened. Through hard work, skill, lots of luck, and a few thousand dollars from a few people, they made that tiny restaurant successful. So successful, in fact, that they attracted investors to open Ospi in Venice. Through passionate teamwork and hiring excellent talent, Memento Mori Hospitality has morphed into a restaurant group serving Los Angeles County and beyond.

"Remember that you will die" is the translation of the Latin phrase "Memento Mori." We use this phrase as the basis of our hospitality company not to be morbid or to think negatively or to live in fear, but rather to treat each day and each moment as a blessing. We are here now, we are guaranteed to be gone one day, and we don't know when that day is coming, so it is a gentle reminder to spend time rather than waste it.

Caco de Pepe at Jame